• Max file size: 15MB (for one video);

  • Duration: from 5 to 60 sec.

  • Campaign with the option of adding a tracking code - one code for the entire Firework player;

  • Possibility to provide covers to the single video. These  covers are shown before the start of the video

    Covers: graphic format -  JPEG; size: up to 1MB; aspect ratio: 9:16.


  1. Videos are strung together in a common 'frame'. 

  2. The video starts after hovering. After clicking, the video starts in a large format.

  3. Videos provided by the customer must meet the following requirements: mp4, aspect ratio 9:16, dimensions 1080x1920(px).

  4. The number of videos in Firework: from 6 to max. 10.

  5. Video duration: from 5 to 60 sec.

  6. Video can link to a given URL through the 'See more / Watch' button.

  7. The format is available for desktop and mobile devices.

The implementation of the Firework on the website takes approx. 2-3 days.

TIP #1: It is crucial that the videos sent by the client are visually consistent with each other. It makes the Firework look nicer and might give better results.

TIP #2: Each window with the video should have the same character, and similar colours and use similar visual language. We will avoid a situation where each window contains a video with a completely different atmosphere and tone than the other one. In the case of the Firework, we see several video windows in the first view, so they should correspond with each other.

Acceptable file formats:
  mobile tablet desktop
Acceptable dimensions
Max weight 15MB (one video) 15MB (one video) 15MB (one video)