Halfpage Desktop

Creative is displayed at the right column of the website, below the list of articles ‘See more’. Each Halfpage Desktop contains an additional 600px of the scrolling space (vertical).

HTML5 files should be prepared in accordance with Google standards: https://support.google.com/admanager/answer/7046799?hl=en

IMPORTANT: adserver has no capability of implementing any JS tracking scripts (e.g. IAS) into HTML5 creatives. Therefore, one should place all the tracking scripts of this type directly in the creative code, just before </body> tag.

If the HTML5 creative contains video, due to the adserver size restrictions (HTML5 bundle or the total size of extracted files cannot exceed 1000KB), we recommend that all video files are hosted on external servers and then embedded in the creation's code.

Acceptable file formats:


The number of creatives (HTML5 or jpg / png / gif) allowed for this format is 3.

  mobile tablet desktop
Acceptable dimensions 300x600
Max weight 70KB